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Originating & Underwriting

Loan Data Delivery

Loan data delivery (also known as loan presentment) is your method of providing MPF with the loan details. Accuracy is essential.

The loan data must be submitted to determine the loan’s Credit Enhancement (CE). The CE determines the amount of risk your institution will share on the loan. Credit enhancement results are given in both a percentage and dollar amount and represent the amount of shared risk. A low score would indicate a higher quality loan; a loan could receive a result of zero.

Demo: To see more details about how this risk is shared, view our MPF Traditional: Risk Sharing webinar.

It is highly recommended to credit enhance the loan prior to locking. The loan must be risk scored prior to being purchased by MPF. The process of credit enhancing the loan does not determine its MPF eligibility; it simply determines the amount of risk associated with each loan. With this information, you make the decision to sell to MPF.

Note: The credit enhancement process can be completed at any time prior to loan purchase by MPF and may be performed multiple times. There are no fees associated with credit enhancement submission. 

Your Responsibilities

  1. Deliver the loan details within the eMPF website between 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM CST seven days a week.

    There are two options for submitting loan details:
    Option 1 – Automated (Batch) Submission (single or multiple loans)

    Required: Fannie Mae 3.0 XML ULDD

    Demo: Batch Submission - Traditional

    Demo: Batch Submission - Traditionalplay video

    Option 2 – Manual Submission (single loan only)

    Demo: Loan Presentment

    Demo: Loan Presentmentplay video

  2. If loan information changes after your most recent submission, correct the loan data and re-submit.

    (For manual delivery, update your loan presentment and re-submit. For automated delivery, correct the information in your LOS and re-submit the batch.)
    • At the time of funding, the loan data submitted must match the loan file.

    Important Reminder: Loan Presentment is not an automated underwriting system; it simply determines risk.

    Note: Accuracy is important. If your loan is chosen for MPF Quality Control review, the auditor will compare the data you provided to the loan file. Any discrepancies will be reported in the final quality control findings.

  3. Based on credit enhancement results, you make the decision to deliver the loan to MPF.