Your FHLB Des Moines Membership Provides Unique Access to the Secondary Mortgage Market.

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Increase opportunities for your borrowers and your bottom line.

Join hundreds of FHLB Des Moines member financial institutions who are increasing the profitability of their mortgage programs through the Mortgage Partnership Finance Program. Choose from MPF products based on your servicing needs, risk preferences and borrower profile.

The FHLB Des Moines Mortgage Product Group is ready to answer your questions!

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MPF Program Excellence

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The MPF Program has provided more than 20 years of product innovation and outstanding service.

FHLB Des Moines works with the MPF Program Provider to continually assess the needs of our Participating Financial Institutions (PFI)s and provide products and services to empower PFIs and their customers with the financial strength they need to increase homeownership in their communities.

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