Why MPF®?

Why should you choose this Program? We believe all financial institutions should have equal market access and growth opportunities.

The Mortgage Partnership Finance® (MPF) Program from FHLB Des Moines helps make selling your home loans easier. With the MPF program, you enjoy reliable access to the secondary market for mortgages, in addition to a host of other benefits: 

  • Grow your mortgage business by fulfilling more loan requests from qualified customers;
  • Transfer any interest rate or prepayment risks;
  • Bolster your customer relationships; and
  • Earn potential credit enhancement fees.

Plus, you work with trusted investors and experts from the FHLB Des Moines Mortgage Product Group. We can help guide you through the process with:

  • Online training with step-by-step instructions;
  • Educational webinars available for download; and
  • More in-depth MPF University courses.

Helping You Get the Most Out of Your Mortgage Program

The MPF Program is ideal for small and mid-sized financial institutions looking to attract and retain customers, without taking on associated risks of long-term home loans. Lenders in the MPF Program say they are more competitive in their marketplace and see improved profits.

Refer to this site for information on becoming a Participating Financial Institution (PFI) in the MPF Program. Browse through several different MPF options and use our Product Selection Tool to find the right option for you based on your servicing needs and risk appetite.