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Welcome to Mortgage Partnership Finance®

We believe all financial institutions should have equal access to secondary market opportunities, no matter the size of your institution. As a MPF® Program provider, FHLB Des Moines offers a variety of products that will help you increase your competitive advantage, enhance your relationship with your borrowers (and your community) and reduce your interest rate risk.

As a Participating Financial Institution (PFI), you have a variety of options and benefits through the MPF Program, including:

  • Increased control over loan origination process; 
  • Risk-sharing or non-risk sharing products available;
  • Retained or released servicing;
  • Servicing released options with non-solicit, non-compete agreements;
  • Complimentary access to Desktop Underwriter® (DU®); and
  • Educational resources and information.

This website will guide you through the application process and each step of training for the MPF Program, from how to apply to become a Participating Financial Institution (PFI) to how to deliver your first loan. Choose one of the above paths to get started. If you are not sure where to start, contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

Thank you for choosing FHLB Des Moines and the MPF Program!