Product Comparison

Understanding the differences between our MPF® Products is vital to your overall success in the program. Below you will find a comparison of our products based on a number of key features. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

MPF Product Features

MPF Product Features MPF Traditional (125) MPF Traditional (Original) MPF Traditional (Government) MPF Xtra®
Benefits Activity Stock Dividend
Follows Agency Conforming Loan Amounts
High Balance Pricing Available
Access to Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter
Structure Credit Enhanced: FHLBank and PFI Share Credit Risk
First Loss Account: Basis Points 100 BPS Performance Based 4 BPS Guaranteed
Credit Enhancement Obligation: Contingent Liability of PFI
Credit Enhancement Fee Income: Annualized 7 BPS Performance Based 9 BPS Guaranteed
Loan Level Price Adjustments
Delivery Commitments - Mandatory Available
Delivery Commitments - Best Efforts Available
Underwriting Loan Terms: Fully Amortizing, Up to 30-Year Fixed Rate
Occupancy: Owner-Occupied Only
Occupancy: Second Homes See below*
Occupancy: Investment Properties
Private Mortgage Insurance Coverage Required > 80%
Servicing Servicing Options: Released or Retained
Remittance Options: A/A, S/R or S/S
Remittance Options: A/A only
Servicing Fee Income 25 BPS 25 BPS 44 BPS 25 BPS
Same-Day Loan Delivery and Funding

A/A= Actual/Actual
S/R = Single Remittance
S/S = Scheduled/Scheduled

Learn more about MPF® remittance options.

* If government agency accepts second homes, MPF will accept second homes.