• Access to Desktop Underwriter®
  • Investment properties accepted
  • Short delivery to funding
  • No credit overlays
  • High-balance pricing available
  • No risk-based capital impact

Expand Your Mortgage Portfolio with MPF Xtra 


The MPF Xtra product provides additional flexibility through:

  • Low down payment options: LTV ratios up to 97% and HomeReady® purchase transactions for first-time home buyers. Combine with FHLB Des Moines Home$tart Down Payment Program funds for additional borrower benefits.
  • Investment properties accepted: In addition to owner-occupied primary and secondary residences, MPF Xtra allows PFIs to originate and sell investment property loans.
  • Day 1 Certainty® - Offer your borrowers an improved digital experience with less paperwork.
  • Appraisal waivers: Available through DU®, this provides a no-cost alternative to the appraisal while eliminating the expense of appraisal-related delays in the origination process.
  • Option for Best Efforts Delivery Commitment: Effectively manage your mortgage pipeline without the interest-rate risk*.
  • No activity stock purchase required: as a pass-though product, you transfer the interest rate and prepayment risks as well as the credit risk of the associated loans to an investor.
  • No collateral required: Selling loans into MPF Xtra does not require collateral pledged to FHLB Des Moines and does not impact to your borrowing capacity.

Key Features Overview

Investor: Fannie Mae (Desktop Underwriter®)

Loan Types: Conventional, conforming, owner-occupied or investment

Product Types: Fixed rate - 15, 20 and 30 years (Mandatory or Best Efforts Delivery Commitments)

Maximum LTV/TLTV: 97% (TLTV Exceptions with Home$tart down payment assistance)

Minimum Credit Score: 620

Servicing Options: Retained or released
Servicing retained will use the same reports and forms as MPF Traditional, but timing of remittance and reporting is different. Your Mortgage Relationship Manager can provide additional guidance.

Servicing Options for MPF Xtra

*If the associated loan closes, you must deliver that loan under the Delivery Commitment; however, there is no pair-off fee assessed if the loan does not close and the Delivery Commitment expires. 


Not sure MPF Xtra is the right mortgage product solution for you?

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