MPP Announcement - Payment Deferrals

Last Updated on November 24, 2020

This MPP Announcement includes information on MPP Payment Deferrals due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Bank is offering a new solution for servicers to assist borrowers impacted by COVID-19. In addition to a repayment plan or a modification, servicers may now evaluate borrowers for an MPP Payment Deferral. All deferral requests must be submitted to the FHLB Des Moines Mortgage Product group for review via email ( prior to offering an MPP Payment Deferral to a borrower. The PFI or servicer will have to provide evidence that all qualifications are met and must send a copy of the executed deferral agreement to after it is received from the borrower.


  • Loan is a conventional loan
  • Loan was current or less than 30 days delinquent as of 3/1/2020
  • Evidence that the Servicer has assessed the loan is not eligible for a repayment plan of up to 12 months
  • Borrower has been on a COVID-19 related forbearance plan that has been previously reported to FHLB Des Moines
  • The Property cannot be vacant or condemned
  • More than 31 days delinquent but less than 365 days delinquent as of the evaluation date
  • Not subject to an active and performing modification or repayment plan
  • The deferral must be made in writing and will only be accepted after your request has been emailed to and approved


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