Adding a Product to your MPF Product Suite

Last Updated on October 8, 2021

Our MPF product suite is ready for all market needs, and you can be too.

The Mortgage Partnership Finance (MPF®) Program offers a wide range of products and features to help you increase your competitive advantage, enhance your relationship with your borrowers (and your community), and reduce your interest rate risk. Having options allows you to choose the best product to meet your borrowers’ needs, while providing you with the most competitive all-in pricing. And the best part? We’ve made taking advantage of these tools simple and easy!

Benefits of Adding a Product

When adding diversity to your product lineup, you are able to leverage additional underwriting flexibilities, have access to multiple rate options, and increase your preparedness should other secondary investor options suddenly change. Having access to multiple products positions you to be competitive in different market and interest rate environments. Additionally, you may be able to attract and retain borrowers that otherwise may have gone to your competitors.

Product Benefits

Considerations When Adding a Product

Expanding the types of mortgage products you offer can sometimes be complex, but it’s easier to start with an organization you are already familiar with, the MPF Program. Choose the MPF product that best fits your servicing needs, risk preferences and borrower profile. We’re dedicated to making the process as simple as possible. From talking you through the necessary paperwork, to supporting you through training, our team and informational MPF website are here for you.

Next Steps

Ready to explore the product suite? Our Product Comparison Chart and Product Selection Tool can help determine which products best meet your needs. Your Mortgage Relationship Manager is ready to provide you with customized solutions to align with your overall mortgage strategy. Also, be sure you are signed up to receive our daily rates email. Each morning you will receive the opening rates for both our MPF Traditional and MPF Xtra® products as well as the service release premium (SRP) schedules, should you elect to sell your MPF servicing.

Having options just makes sense. Create a suite of MPF products ready for any loan that comes your way!

Ready to get started? Contact your Mortgage Relationship Manager.