Best Efforts Worse Case Pricing

Changes in the borrower or property address may require the DC to be cancelled and a new DC issued. In this case, the DC will be subject to worse case pricing:

  • Adding or deleting borrowers
  • Changing the primary and secondary borrower position on the application
  • Changing the property address
  • Minor corrections may be allowed at the discretion of Fannie Mae
  • Worse case pricing will be the worst price based on the price at time the original DC is issued or at the time the new DC is issued
  • Worse case pricing may include an extension fee from the date of the original best efforts DC expiration date or cancelation date to the date the new DC is funded
  • Depending on market movement, the pair-off could result in a credit
  • If a loan that utilized DU is submitted as a new loan, it must have a new DU case number or it will be subject to worse case pricing