Mandatory Delivery Lock Tolerances

Tolerances provide you with flexibility for the loan amount and the note rate; as long as you deliver the loan within the range of tolerance, you will be considered meeting the terms of your mandatory delivery commitment.

Loan Amount Tolerance

  • Delivery commitment < or = $2 million is +/- 5%.
  • Delivery commitment > $2 million is +/- 1%.

Example: A loan locked for $100,000 can be delivered in a range of $95,000 to $105,000 and still be considered as meeting the terms of the delivery commitment.

  • If the loan is delivered outside the range it may be subject to a pair-off (under delivery) or price adjustment fee (over delivery).
  • The maximum a loan can be over delivered is the greater of 101% of the original delivery commitment amount or $100,000. 
    • The loan amount cannot exceed the program maximum loan limits.
    • Any amount over the 5% tolerance may be subject to a fee based on market movement.

Interest Rate Tolerance

  • You can deliver loans anywhere in the interest rate range of  +/- 25 bps from the locked interest rate.
    • The tolerance rule does not allow you to select a note rate higher or lower than the note rate posted on the price sheet on the date of the lock.
    • The delivery commitment confirmation will provide the interest rate range you may select from.

Example: A loan locked at 3.75% could be delivered at a note rate range from 3.50 to 4.00; you would still be considered meeting the delivery commitment. The price will change based on the note rate you deliver, based on the price sheet/schedule you originally locked in with. Your note rate range and price are provided to you on the Delivery Commitment Confirmation Report.

  • This tolerance may be most helpful when you find yourself needing to substitute a loan. For example, if you lock a loan for $300,000 and the loan isn’t going to close. You could substitute 3 loans at different interest rates as long as the note rates fall within the interest rate tolerances. When substituting multiple loans into a single delivery commitment, you will use the same delivery commitment number for each loan.