General FAQs

Do you have a question about the Mortgage Partnership Finance® Program? We are here to help! Start with our most frequently asked questions below. For more information, contact us.

  • - How do I report MPF on my Call Report?

    MPF and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines does not provide guidance regarding completion of your Call Report; we are not call report experts.  However, Wilary Win. LLC has done extensive research on the MPF program and can provide you with guidance on how to report including the MPF SSFA Calculator.  You may also reach out to your regulator.  Wilary Winn is located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

  • - What is this transaction on my DDA account?

    When Delivery Commitment extension fees, Pair Off fees, MPF Fundings are transacted by the PFI, the individual completing the process will receive an email of confirmation from MPF. It is suggested that these emails are forwarded to the PFI’s accounting department so they are aware of the transactions going through the general DDA account. Other fees that may need to be communicated to the accounting department would include custody fees and late investor reporting fees.

    When a PFI reviews their FHLB accounts on eAdvantage, they will notice there are codes used after transactions.

    Click here for code definitions.

  • Are there reports that allow me to see MPF activity? 

    Reports for managing MPF activity are available within the eMPF website.  If you need access to eMPF, forms required for managing MPF authority updates are available on the microsite under the “Resources” tab.

    Below you will find samples of some reports available in eMPF, as well as a description of these reports. 

    These are not real time reports.


  • Can more than one funding occur on a single business day?

    Yes, if more than one funding occurs on a single business day, entries will be combined on a single line item in a PFI’s primary DDA statement.

  • How do I begin the process of reactivating my MPF activity?

    Please contact your Mortgage Relationship Manager to begin the process of reactivation.

  • How do I reset my eMPF access?

    • If you have your User ID, and have forgotten your password, enter the User ID and then hit "Forgot Password."
    • If you have neither, please contact the MPF Service Center at 877.463.6673 and choose Option 1 to confirm your User ID and reset your password.
  • What is Credit Enhancement (CE) & how it is paid?

    MPF is a unique program where the member shares in a small amount of the risk on the mortgage loans sold into the MPF Traditional program.  MPF pays the member a monthly fee (net credit enhancement fee A.K.A. CE Fee) for sharing in the loan risk for as long as the loan is on FHLBDM books.  The MPF Microsite has a recorded on demand webinar under the Resource tab that provides an in depth overview of how the risk sharing works. 

  • When and how do I remit MPF Traditional P&I ?

    • As the borrower’s payments are collected the funds are held in the MPF P&I Custodial account (the DDA set up at your institution when you applied to the MPF Program).
      • PFI monitors the P&I custodial account daily
      • On any day the P&I custodial account balance exceeds $2500 (net of the servicing fees) funds are transferred to the FHLBDM via the eAdvantage banking site to your MPF A/A account
      • Any amount remaining in the account on the first day of the month following cut off (regardless of the balance) must also be transferred to MPF A/A account
      • The MPF A/A account is set up exclusively for P&I remittances
      • Transfer funds by 10:00 AM (CT) on the next business day following receipt of the funds – the earlier the better
        • The MPF Servicing Guide says 2:00 PM, best practice is 10:00 AM particularly when funds are sent via ACH
        • Non-compliance will result in assessment of penalty fees
    • You have three remittance options
      • Wire
      • Recurring ACH
      • Transfer funds from one Home Loan Bank of Des Moines account to the account designated exclusively for P&I remittance (eAdvantage - MPF A/A account)
    • P&I remittances will accumulate at the Home Loan Bank of Des Moines – (non-interest bearing account)
      • Once a month the account will be debited based on the reports submitted to and reconciled to with the master servicer
      • Debit will occur on the 18th of each month or the business day prior to if the 18th is a non-business day
    Loan Servicing Traditional


  • When and how do I remit MPF Xtra P&I?

    • Remittance of MPF Xtra P&I Funds
      • Funds are to be remitted daily regardless of the dollar amount
      • By 10:00 AM (CT) on the next business day following receipt of the funds
        • The MPF Xtra Servicing Guide says 2:00 PM, best practice is 10:00 AM particularly when funds are sent via ACH
        • P&I payments net of the servicing fee must be remitted to the P&I Custodial Account at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago
          • This account is established for you, there is no action required on your part
          • FHLBDM will provide you with the account information
        • Non-compliance will result in assessment of penalty fees
        • Remit daily regardless of the dollar amount collected
        • If a correction is required; adjust your next remittance
    • Remittance Options
      • ACH remittances to FHLB Chicago – highly recommended
        • Daily remittances are sent to the Chicago DDA via ACH transaction or via wire
          • Each wire incurs a fee, fees are billed monthly to the PFI’s main DDA account via eAdvantage
      • Wire remittance to FHLB Chicago
        • FHLB Chicago Bank routing number – ABA 071004501
        • To DDA #0000XXXXX (9 digits)
        • Must contain check digit – check digit not displayed on eBanking Statement
    Loan Servicing Xtra


  • Where can I find MPF information on eAdvantage?

    Credit Enhancement Fee

    The monthly Net CE Credit Enhancement Fee can be found on eAdvantage under Account Balances in the main DDA account around the 15th of each month.

    Stock Information

    Membership Stock is a requirement of membership in FHLB Des Moines.  This stock requirement is based on the asset size of each member.

    Activity stock is required to support your borrowings from the FHLBDM as well as supporting mortgage loans sold into the MPF mortgage purchase program.  The activity based stock requirement is based on 4% of these activities.  For the MPF loans it is based on the outstanding balance of the mortgage loans sold to MPF.  Your Activity based stock requirement for mortgages will be adjusted daily for mortgage loans sold to MPF.  On any day, you don’t have sufficient activity based stock, the FHLBDM will automatically debit your general eAdvantage account.  Once a month your activity based stock will be adjusted to reflect principal pay downs and mortgage loan payoffs for your MPF mortgages.  This adjustment will on or about the 18th of each month.

    Stock requirements can be monitored by accessing the Capital Stock screen in eAdvantage.  See screen shot below:

    Summary of Capital Stock


  • Where do I Register for AllRegs Alerts?

    Visit and choose “AllRegs Guides”. From there, choose “Email Subscriptions” and check the box, “I want to receive announcements and notifications about this site." Choose “Update” to confirm your selection.

  • Who is the MPF Master Servicer?

    Wells Fargo Corporate Trust. Wells Fargo performs various master servicing duties on the MPF Provider’s behalf in connection with the MPF Program.

  • Who is the MPF Program Custodian?

    Wells Fargo Custody. Wells Fargo provides mortgage document custodial services for the MPF Program and its PFIs.

  • Who is the MPF Provider?

    The Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago. The Bank serves as manager and provider of services to PFIs and MPF Banks in connection with the MPF Program.