MPF® Program Authority Updates

Managing roles and authorities within the MPF Program is an ongoing responsibility. We’re here to help you manage these staff changes by providing the required documents and information you need. 

When a member joins the MPF Program, all authority forms are completed within the initial application. As roles change, you may need to change system access and responsibilities.

Use this list of forms and their descriptions to request specific changes and updates. To obtain a report of your institution’s current MPF authorities, please contact the Mortgage Product Group.

  • MPF Authority Removal: Remove all MPF Authorities for an individual.
  • MPF Corporate Resolution: Grants authority to sign all MPF agreements and any of the forms shown below. Individuals added to the MPF Corporate Resolution will automatically receive full eMPF authority. Submission of this form replaces all previous versions.
  • eMPF Authorities:

Tip: An accordion explaining all available authorities can be found at the bottom of this page.

Delegation of Authority (DOA) Authorities

    • Sign PFI Agreement/Amendments: Grants authority to sign PFI agreements and future amendments.
    • Sign Master Commitment: Grants authority to sign new or renewal Master Commitments.
    • Security Administrator: Gives full access to the MPF Direct portal. Used for the MPF Direct Product only.
    • eMPF Access: Allows view only access to the eMPF website unless combined with other authorities. 
    • Request Delivery Commitments: Grants permission to lock a loan within the eMPF website.
    • Make Funding Request: Allows the user to request a loan funding (sell the loan to MPF) within the eMPF website for the MPF Traditional product.
    • Submit Batch: Allows the user to upload loan details into the eMPF website, and to run the CE estimator for the MPF Traditional product.
    • Loan Presentment: Allows users to provide loan details within the eMPF website and obtain credit enhancement results. Used for the MPF Traditional Product only.
    • Request Servicing Transfer: Allows a user to request a single loan or bulk transfer of loan servicing to an authorized servicer. Typically not applicable because servicing is sold at time of origination.
    • Act as QC Contact: Identifies the Quality Control (QC) contact for the MPF Provider. 
    • Send Reporting to Master Servicer: Identifies the contact person reporting monthly activity to the Master Servicer via the Servicer Connect website. For use with sub-servicers and servicing released products.