View Your State's Impact in Partnership with FHLB Des Moines

Last Updated on February 21, 2020

Our new State Impact section of our website highlights the impact that members in each of our states have made in partnership with FHLB Des Moines.

Each of the financial institutions across the 13 states in our district make a unique impact on their community year-over-year. Institutions that partner with FHLB Des Moines amplify their community impact through programs like the Affordable Housing Program, Mortgage Partnership Finance® and many of our advance funding products.

And we want you to be able to see how special your state’s partnership with FHLB Des Moines is.

state impact map image

That’s why we’ve developed the new State Impact section of which highlights the following in each state:

  • Financial Overview: Advances, Letters of Credit and Mortgage Loans
  • Member Statistics: Total Members, Commercial Banks, Thrifts, Credit Unions, Insurance Companies and CDFI’s
  • Affordable Housing Program: Grant Amount, Development Costs and Units
  • Down Payment and Closing Cost SetAsides: Amount Disbursed and Units

What are you waiting for! See how your state partners with FHLB Des Moines by clicking the button below.

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