MPF Xtra® Servicing Released (IBMC)

Maximize your opportunities while minimizing risks. MPF Xtra Servicing Released is a solution that enables you to originate quality home loans and then sell the mortgages – along with all the associated risks – to the secondary market.

FHLB Des Moines has partnered with IBMC to help bring you the MPF Xtra solution.

  • Attract and retain customers by offering home loan options;
  • Earn additional income with a Servicing Released Premium;
  • Transfer the interest-rate, prepayment and credit risk all to an established investor;
  • Assign servicing responsibilities to an experienced servicer; and
  • Access Desktop Underwriter (DU) while eliminating the DU setup fee.


Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation (IBMC) is the mortgage banking subsidiary of the Iowa Bankers Association. IBMC has provided mortgage-related services to Iowa banks since 1979 and have amassed a servicing portfolio exceeding $6.4 billion in residential mortgages representing a total of 50,000 loans. IBMC management and staff possess superb expertise in the mortgage arena.