MPF® Traditional Servicing Released to IBMC

MPF Traditional Servicing Released provides your institution with a secondary market outlet for your conventional fully amortizing loans.

With Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation (IBMC) as the servicer, your customer receives the best of both worlds – access to a home loan from a local institution they trust and servicing from experienced mortgage professionals.


IBMC is the mortgage banking subsidiary of the Iowa Bankers Association. Since 1979, IBMC has played a vital role in helping Iowa banks provide affordable and competitive home financing alternatives to their customers. 

IBMC has become a leading secondary lender in the state of Iowa and routinely funds loans with 200+ banks each year, currently servicing nearly $7 billion in mortgages for over 50,000 homeowners in 10 states. IBMC has enhanced itself as an attractive choice for a centralized servicer for the Federal Home Loan Bank’s servicing released options and has existing relationships with nearly 100 participating financial institutions. For additional information, visit Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation.