Operational Resources

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  • CMC Funding Whole Loan Servicing Transfer Manual (Traditional)

    Comprehensive manual for MPF products with CMC Funding as the servicer.
  • CMC Funding Whole Loan Servicing Transfer Manual (Xtra)

    Comprehensive manual for MPF products with CMC Funding as the servicer.
  • Colonial Concurrent Servicing Sale Manual (Traditional)

    Comprehensive manual for MPF products with Colonial Savings as the servicer.
  • Credit Bureau Reporting Registration

    Registration information for reporting loan data to the four major credit bureaus: Innovis Data Solutions, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.
  • Custody Reports Tip Sheet

    Explanation of the custodial reports available on eMPF. You should review these reports to ensure there are no outstanding custody package deliveries and/or exceptions.
  • Delinquent Mortgage Report - Standard File Layout

    Report showing the standard file layout. It can also be found in the MPF Servicing Guide, Exhibit B.
  • eMAQCS Manual

    This document details how to request log-in credentials, upload documents and monitor your QC pipeline.
  • IBMC Concurrent Servicing Sale Manual (Traditional & Xtra)

    Comprehensive manual for MPF products with Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation (IBMC) as the servicer.
  • IBMC SRP Schedule

    Servicing Released Premium (SRP) schedule.
  • IRS/IVES Instructions

    This document shows how to register with the IRS to order tax transcripts.
  • Master Commitment (MC) Information Sheet

    Tips for completing your Master Commitment.
  • MERS Set-Up Kit

    Informational guide that covers the benefits, processes and FAQs related to the MERS System.
  • MERS Set-Up Process

    Instructions for completing the MERS application process online.
  • MPF Guide

    Comprehensive guide for the MPF Program.
  • MPF Product Suite

    Description of the MPF products offered by FHLB Des Moines highlighting product benefits and comparisons.
  • MPF Traditional Government Quick Tips

    A report explaining your financial obligation in the event of a loan default.
  • MPF Traditional Underwriting Comparison Matrix

    A reference tool for AUS (DU and LP) processed loans. It is a summary of underwriting comparisons and is not intended to replace the MPF Guides.
  • MPF University Registration & User Information

    Helpful instructions for registering and accessing MPF University online training.
  • Pricing Tip Sheet

    Form providing helpful tips regarding how to read the FHLB Des Moines opening rate sheets.
  • Product & Pricing Engines

    Product and Pricing Engines (PPE) are tools used to enhance your lending strategy and operations. Utilizing a PPE can assist you with product eligibility information and pricing to best meet the needs of your customer and improve profitability. Please consider these additional pricing factors when setting us up as an investor.
  • Turnaround Report Monthly Process Flow

    An overview of the turnaround reporting process, including sample reports, troubleshooting tips and important dates.
  • UCD Requirements for MPF Xtra Loans

    Presentation on UCD Requirements for MPF Xtra Loans, Last updated 9/12/2017.
  • Wilary Winn: BASEL

    A guide to reporting under BASEL III for the MPF Program.
  • Wilary Winn: CBLR

    Community Bank Leverage Ratio and the MPF Program.
  • Wilary Winn: CECL

    Accounting for the MPF Program and Credit Enhancement.
  • Wilary Winn: Guidance

    Accounting and regulatory guidance for the MPF Program.
  • Wilary Winn: MPF BASEL III SSFA Calculator


  • Custody Folder Labels Template

    Avery 8163 label template for use on the custodial file.
  • Gift Letter

    Sample Gift Letter to help develop your own in-house gift letter. Be sure you also always meet the gift fund requirements of the MPF Underwriting Guide Chapter 4.7.4.
  • MPF Data Resources

    Contains information for the Additional Information File & Credit Enhancement Estimator File.


  • Document Expiration Sheet

    A resource to assist you in the loan origination process by calculating the expiration dates of documents based on information input into the worksheet.
  • Exception Clearing Report

    Spreadsheet for handling exceptions within the MPF Program.
  • MPF Daily Rates Emails

    Sign up to receive our daily MPF rates email.
  • MPF Program Authority Updates

    Manage roles and authorities for the MPF Program.
  • MPF Traditional (Gov.): QC Document Worksheet

    Use this checklist when submitting loans for Quality Control (QC) review.
  • MPF Traditional: QC Document Worksheet

    Use this checklist when submitting loans for Quality Control (QC) review.
  • MPF Xtra: Best Efforts Worksheet

    Worksheet contains all the information required when you call into the service center to take down a Best Efforts Delivery Commitment.
  • MPF Xtra: LLPA Worksheet

    This tool can be used to help identify which LLPAs are applicable.
  • MPF Xtra: QC Document Worksheet

    Use this checklist when submitting loans for Quality Control (QC) review.
  • Who to Call

    This is a list of contacts who will assist you with your MPF questions.


  • eAdvantage

    eAdvantage is a secure, online site where FHLB Des Moines members can view statements and reports, monitor account balances, advances, capital stock, collateral and safekeeping portfolios.
  • eMPF

    The eMPF website is a secure transaction portal available to authorized users of member institutions participating in the MPF Program.
  • FHLB Down Payment Products

    Our member financial institutions have access to grant funds to provide down payment and closing cost assistance to income eligible owner-occupant households. Visit this link for more information.
  • MPF Governance and Control Assurance Program (GCAP)

    The Governance and Control Assurance Program (GCAP) oversees how the Bank manages risks associated with technology and vendor relationships; members and other business partners can access our GCAP document which covers the majority of areas addressed in an SSAE18 report.
  • MPF University

    Through our partnership with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), Participating Financial Institutions are welcome to take advantage of over 100 free, on-demand MBA courses.


  • MPF Loan Eligibility Requirements

    On-demand training video on MPF Program loan eligibility requirements to help determine the best solution for your loans.
  • MPF Quality Control

    An overview of how to comply with the MPF Program's pre- and post-closing loan quality control requirements. Also includes a description of the separate MPF Program-Level QC process.
  • MPF Traditional: Product Eligibility & Underwriting

    This webinar specifically addresses some of the eligibility and underwriting guidelines for the MPF Traditional product. Topics to be discussed include determining LTV/CLTV limits, subordinate financing, required borrower funds, gifts, eligible property types, DTI calculations, credit, and much more. This is an opportunity for those who may be new to the MPF Traditional product to learn about the many eligibility factors and experienced participants to sharpen their guideline expertise. All experience levels are welcome.
  • MPF Traditional: Risk Sharing

    An explanation of the unique risk sharing structure of the MPF Original and 125 products, including the additional fee income PFIs receive for sharing in the credit risk of MPF loans.
  • Processing: Basics

    An overview to help loan processors move the borrower and lender from initial application to an underwriting-ready fully documented file.
  • Underwriting: Advanced

    This webinar builds on the Underwriting Basics series with more complex underwriting scenarios and types of analysis.
  • Underwriting: Basics (Part 1)

    Part 1 of a 2-part webinar focused on basic secondary market underwriting requirements and approaches.
  • Underwriting: Basics (Part 2)

    Part 2 of a 2-part webinar focused on basic secondary market underwriting requirements and approaches.