Pricing MPF Xtra Loans

Loan Level Price Adjustments (LLPAs) are fees that go to Fannie Mae.  These fees are not a part of the MPF price quote. You must determine the LLPAs due on each MPF Xtra loan. Reminder- if loan terms change, the LLPAs could change as well. 

Tip: See the LLPA Pricing Worksheet

  • You have two options as how to cover the LLPAs:
    • Price up to cover the fees (most popular).
    • Charge the LLPAs to the borrower.

How the loan should be priced

  • Determine what Fannie will require for LLPAs.
  • Know the profit margin your institution is looking for.
  • Determine the Servicing Released Premium (SRP)- see the SLS SRP Schedule via the eMPF website (Pricing Tab).

Required LLPAs                        1.00
PFI Profit Requirement            1.50
Less the SRP paid by SLS      -.68
You will need to price to make    1.82

If a 45 day lock is needed based on the example above, the note rate would be 3.125 with a MPF purchase price of 1.8372.


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