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Custody Fees

Custody Fees will be charged to you by the Document Custodian when errors are found on your custody documents at a rate of $3.50 per exception. 

Custody Exception Invoices

Your Custody Fee Invoices are available to you via the Report Tab/Custody Reports in the eMPF website. Share the final invoice with your bookkeeping/accounting staff so they can insure there are funds in your general eAdvantage DDA at the FHLB Des Moines. 

Custody Exception Correction Fees (ECF) Invoice
Preliminary invoice for loan exceptions during the previous month. Contact the Custody Department at to report any discrepancies. They will review and adjust the invoice accordingly. 

Custody Exception Correction Fees Final (ECF) Invoice
The final invoice for exception fees during the previous month, which will post just prior to the 18th of each month. The amount will be deducted from your general eAdvantage DDA on the 18th of the month (if the 18th falls on a non-business day, the fee will be deducted on the business day prior to). Be sure to have sufficient funds in your account to cover these fees; lack of funds will result in an insufficient funds charge.