MPF Xtra® Training:Capital Markets Cooperative

Originating & Underwriting

Loan Data Delivery

Loan data delivery (also known as loan presentment) is your method of providing MPF® with the loan details.

Accuracy is important. If your loan is chosen for MPF Quality Control review, the auditor will compare the data you provided to the loan file. Any discrepancies will be reported in the final quality control findings.

Your Responsibilities

  1. Deliver the loan details within the eMPF website between 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM CST.

    • Automated (Batch) Submission is used to submit a single loan or multiple loans.
      • Required:
        • Fannie Mae 3.0 XML ULDD
        • MPF Additional Data File

    Demo: Check out our video demo on Automated Submission!