MPF Xtra® 3D

MPF Xtra 3D is a feature under the MPF Xtra product which provides down payment and closing cost assistance for creditworthy borrowers whose household income is at or below 80% of the HUD Area Median Income (AMI) household limits for purchase transactions. 


  • Provide 3% Down Payment Assistance (DPA) based on the unpaid principal balance at time of loan purchase
  • Reduce a borrower's mortgage payment through the elimination of mortgage insurance (MI)
  • Reduce closing costs by eliminating Loan Level Price Adjustments (LLPAs)
  • MPF Xtra can be combined with FHLB Des Moines, state and local down payment assistance programs. Contact the Mortgage Products Group for additional details
  • DCs may be Mandatory or Best Efforts
  • Servicing retained only

Getting Started with MPF Xtra 3D

  • All information related to the MPF Xtra 3D product is located under the Resources tab on the eMPF® Website
  • An MPF Xtra 3D Master Commitment (MC) is required to obtain a Delivery Commitment (DC).

    • Pricing for MPF Xtra 3D is available on the eMPF® Website
      • The rates and pricing are found under the MPF Xtra product with the Actual/Actual remittance type selected
      • Select Fixed 30 Yr 3d (15 and 20-year terms are also available)

Learn More About the MPF Xtra 3D Program

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